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Best Bites: Gaia’s Baked Eggs

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I already count breakfast as my favorite meal, but Gaia Bistro‘s baked eggs make mornings all the brighter. Chef Drew Middleton offers three combos, including one with chorizo, cheddar, and onions, and another with black beans, tomato, onions, and goat cheese. I favor the third option: a rich blend of eggs, onions, tomatoes, bacon, Mornay sauce (béchamel gussied up with cheese), and a sprinkling of fresh herbs. The meal arrives in a scalding-hot baking dish with a toasty flour tortilla on the side. You could use a fork, but why, when the tortilla is ideal for scooping up the custardy eggs and rich, velvety sauce. 1551 S. Pearl St., 303-777-5699

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