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How Loyal Are Avs Fans?


Apparently, Colorado Avalanche fans aren’t dedicated. At least, that’s what one Minnesota Wild blogger believes. Derek Felska says the decline of fan support—based on his somewhat arbitrary computations—is fitting for a team on a downward spiral into obscurity.

“When the team stopped winning, Denver stopped caring as much,” he writes.


Avs fans aren’t the only ones who find the ranking ludicrous. Yahoo! Sports calls it “patently absurd,” adding that the entire list of “Best and Worst fans in the NHL” ranges somewhere “between reasonably fair to utter garbage.” It may not be coincidence that Minnesota is one of the Avs’ division rivals, and one of their bloggers just happens to rate our fan base so low.

Local Avs fan blog Mile High Hockey mentions the sleight, but doesn’t work too hard to dispel it, pointing out that each of the league’s 30 hockey teams has a Twitter feed but that the Avs’ feed is the “least prolific” by a large margin. Maybe Avs fans are like thousands of little mirrors, reflecting back to the Avs the love and energy the team puts into engaging their base.

Or maybe the economy is in the hole, and people can barely afford to make their car payment every month, let alone shell out good money for a team that is squarely in rebuilding mode.

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