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Seasonal Six-Pack: Odell Brewing’s Red Ale


red-1I’ve made it no secret throughout my seven years of covering Colorado beers that Odell Brewing‘s IPA is one of my favorite. When I finally took a trip to Fort Collins to visit the brewery, it was the first brew I ordered.

Until they accidentally mixed up my order and gave me their Red Ale.


Red ales are often saddled with adjectives like “sticky” and “sweet,” so I was less than enthusiastic about my mistaken pint. But it glowed a gorgeous copper in the glass, and I’m not one to send back a pretty beer.

It took just that one pint for my Red Ale affections to rival those for the IPA. Odell’s Red is neither sticky nor sweet. It starts with a blast of grapefruity hops and has a remarkably clean mouthfeel and crisp finish.

Despite its coloring (never skip pouring this one into a pint glass), I can’t help but put this beer closer to a pale ale category rather than a red. Either way, it’s fast become one of my favorite seasonals. Grab it before it leaves shelves in April.

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