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Creative Retreat: The Makerie’s Summer Series


It’s never hard to find something fun/adventurous/creative/relaxing to do in Colorado during the summer. We do refer to the state as our “playground” for a reason. But we can only hike the same trail so many times or pub hop for so long. That’s why we’re always on the hunt for a new outlet. Enter the Makerie‘s just-launched Summer Series.

The Makerie hosts creative retreats (crafts, photography, DIY). The Summer Series is like a gift basket containing all the best parts of those ventures jam-packed into one day—with delicious food and cocktails to boot. Each of the three themed dates (details below) includes modern crafting and homesteading workshops (participants can choose two), lunch, a farm dinner, and a cocktail hour (which double as a cocktail-making lesson). The retreats are held at the Lyons Farmette. You can sign up for one or all three for $345 per retreat. “We want it to be open to anyone who wants to be creative. There are no rules about being an artist, a master crafter,” says founder Ali Dejohn. “We really want the series to be for people who want to come and play for the day. We always sprinkle in a few surprises.”


June 2—On the Farm: Class options include canning, spinning wool, and local skincare.

July 7—For a Gathering: Learn how to make jewelry, letterpress invitations, or pajaki paper chandeliers (Polish paper mobiles, pictured right).

August 4—In the Home: Become your own interior designer with workshops on upholstery, flower arranging, and how to build a wall chalkboard.

—Images courtesy of Casie Zalud (top); Cassandra Kotnick (left); Mia Semingson (right)

Daliah Singer, 5280 Contributor

Daliah Singer is an award-winning writer and editor based in Denver. You can find more of her work at daliahsinger.com.

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