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What’s That Sound: Vol. 8

Each Monday, on Facebook, we'll give you a soundbite of what it is like to be behind-the-scenes at 5280 or out on the road with our reporters in Colorado. You guess where we are, and on Tuesdays, we'll reveal the answers on 5280.com.


Where: The High Country


What: It is that time of year and, no, we’re not talking just about the holidays. It is the time of season when the metro area seems to empty out on weekends as people flock to the mountains. If you do, you’ll likely hear a snowcat churning and slogging through the snow. This audio was captured by food editor Amanda Faison, who was on search for a tree to take home for the holidays.

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Natasha Gardner, Articles Editor

Natasha Gardner writes and edits longform journalism and multimedia projects for 5280 and is a regular columnist for 5280.com.

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