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Best Bites: Beet Box

Beet Box redefines the vegan lunch.


Say the word “vegan” and many will roll their eyes (or shudder) at the thought of the strict dietary rules. Clearly, those folks have not been to Beet Box Bakery & Cafe in Denver’s San Rafael neighborhood, just south of Five Points. In addition to savory and sweet pastries (and the always-popular doughnuts), the year-old spot offers a small selection of inventive sandwiches. There’s a tofu banh mi, a cremini panino with walnut pesto and cashew cream, and my personal favorite: the Chickpea of the Sea. Beet Box’s variation on tuna salad—which tosses garbanzo beans with fresh herbs, a touch of veganaise, and crunchy vegetables—outdoes its precursor in both texture and flavor. Naysayers should give it—or any of the creative sandwiches—a try. 1030 E. 22nd Ave., 303-861-0017

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