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How to Fold the Flag

November 11 marks the 60th anniversary of Veterans Day. In remembrance, learn how to wrap Old Glory.


John “Mr. Klean” Cranshaw, a veteran and member of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, a group that rides in memory of the Buffalo Soldiers—African American military regiments that date back to the 1800s—shows us how to fold a flag.


^ With another person, hold the flag waist-high and parallel to the ground.

^ Fold in half lengthwise, making sure the stripes are on top.


^ Fold in half lengthwise again.

^ Starting on the stripes-only end, fold one corner over to create a triangle. Fold the outer corner in 11 more times.

^ Tuck any remaining fabric between the layers of the triangle.


Illustrations by Aaron Ashley

This article appeared in the November 2014 issue of 5280.

Natasha Gardner, Articles Editor

Natasha Gardner writes and edits longform journalism and multimedia projects for 5280 and is a regular columnist for 5280.com.

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