Out of Bounds

Colorado escape: The backcountry hut trip.

November 2013

Nestled into high meadows, perched along the Continental Divide, and tucked into stunning gulches, more than 40 Colorado backcountry huts beckon to those craving a rustic winter retreat. But to visit one of these jewels, you’ll have to earn it. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you need to be an expert skier or an experienced backpacker: There are hut trips tailor-made for everyone from families with young kids to novice skiers to backcountry veterans. Prepare for a uniquely Colorado escape.

Background: Huts, Defined

Miles beyond the confines of ski resorts, backcountry huts pepper Colorado’s mountain terrain. Built in the tradition of European hut-to-hut skiing, some of these out-of-the-way locales (often open in the summer and winter) can be reached by car, while others require a daylong alpine tour. Plan your next adventure with one of the state’s three major hut systems.   

1. 10th Mountain Division Hut Association, www.huts.org 2. San Juan Hut Systems, www.sanjuanhuts.com 3. Summit Huts Association, www.summithuts.org

Table of Contents:

Point Breeze Cabin

Eiseman Hut

Opus Hut

Blue Lakes Hut

Janet's Cabin

Cascade Hut

El Capitan Lodge

Aladdin's Lamp Hut

Insider Tips:

Gear and Safety

Hut Trip Recipes

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