Let's Go Bowling!


November 18 2004, 4:20 PM

So I did get an answer to my question from yesterday. If last night's 40th birthday bash at Lucky Strike Lanes for Bradley Joseph is any indication, "bowling chic" means funky striped shirts and jeans for men, and funky sequined shirts and jeans for women. Bowling shoes provided, of course. CBS4 GM Walt DeHaven was kind enough to team up with me to kick some butt on the bowling lanes. He's from New Jersey, which apparently explains why he's a good enough bowler to take on a poor slob like me as a partner. Or so he said. I bowled a 94. I'm pretty sure that's embarrassing. It was quite a scene, with lots of fab fashionistas kicking off their designer shoes in favor of rented footwear, and tossing back drinks from the open bar hosted by Bradley's friends Josh Hanfling, Wendy Aiello, Jesse Morreale, Dahlia Weinstein, Holly Kylberg, and others. Rocky Mountain News society writer Dahlia Weinstein rocked the lanes -- she's in a league -- and gal-about-town Penny Parker joined in early, before retiring to the couches to observe. Society style maven Holly Kylberg was finally separated from her strappy gold stilettos after much cajoling -- and a few cocktails. She started a bit slow, but hit her stride at the end of the evening, after her pals finally put the cameras away. Must be hard to bowl with all those flashes blinding you. It was amazing to see just how competitive even the worst bowlers get, after a few strikes and a few more drinks. Guess I'd better get busy practicing.