Trend Report: Coffee Cuppings


June 11 2008, 10:12 AM

Two weeks ago, in an article titled "Do I Detect a Hint of Joe," New York Times writer Hannah Wallace reported a recent rise of coffeeshop high-culture. She wrote that a dozen or so spots in New York City now offer cuppings, essentially a java-devotee's answer to wine tastings. We read Wallace's article with interest, since a handful of Denver and Boulder shops--most notably Kaladi Brothers Coffee--have been hosting cuppings for quite some time now. Check out our May interview ("Mr. Coffee") with Kaladi Brothers owner Mark Overly, and call to arrange for a cupping of your own so you can sniff, slurp, and talk java with the best of 'em. Spots to try: Kaladi Brothers Coffee starts up its cuppings again mid-summer; Uptown's Fluid Coffee Bar hosts them every Saturday at 2 p.m.; Caffè Sole will arrange one specially for you; The Kitchen holds them every other month; and beginning this fall, Duo Restaurant plans on offering monthly cuppings.