Illegal Drugs Will Be Illegal at Invesco Field

August 27 2008, 2:10 PM

Sorry Mason Tvert: There won't be any bong hits at Invesco Field. The DNC Host Committee has released a list of prohibited items for Obama's Thursday night speech; all the standard no-no's--such as illegal drugs, knives, and mace--won't be allowed. Interestingly, the rule-loving Democrats extended that to a number of more seemingly harmless items: "shoes with wheels," umbrellas, and cow bells. (Obama, apparently, is not a fan of Blue Oyster Cult). More problematic is the ban on outside food and beverage. Since the DNC is advising people to show up soon after the doors open at 1 p.m.--and Obama won't be speaking until after 8 p.m.--it looks like Aramark is going to make a killing selling buffalo hot dogs. There also won't be any parking at the event--people are advised to bike, take RTD, or hop on a DNC shuttle. Information here.