How Do You Say "Insane Robbery" in Klingon?


February 5 2009, 8:44 AM

I haven't seen this written in a public bathroom stall for a while, but it's worth noting this morning: "Beam me up Scotty. There's no intelligent life down here." Colorado Springs police are on the hunt for a masked robber who struck two 7-11 convenience stores armed with a Klingon sword--yes, as in a sword you would see on "Star Trek." Incredibly, clerks in separate stores were Trekkies and recognized the Klingon weapon as a (insert sinister voice) "Bat'leth," according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. Seriously, the traditional Klingon sword of honor--about a meter long, shaped like a crescent, and "composed of baakonite metal"--looks like it can do some real damage, according to Detectives are now inquiring at favored Trekkie shopping outlets in hopes of tracking down the Bat'leth robber.