7 Things You May Not Know About Top Single David Singer, Math Teacher, Manual High School and Regional Director of Children's Technology Workshop

February 2009

David loves jazz and Ricky Martin, as he explains in this month's edition of the magazine. But he also has a thing for dancing, snowboarding, and exotic foreign travel. Great night out: A lot of laughter, possibly some dancing, preferably some tapas, a variety of people and locations. Weekend whereabouts: Snowboarding in the winter. On the golf course in the summer. Fantasy vacation: Going to Thailand to ride elephants, eat crazy food, and get my scuba license.

You'd never guess...: I'm really into art. I used to do a lot of sketching. And I'm a dual citizen: Canadian and American. Celebrity crush: Scarlett Johansson. Deal-breaker: Not liking kids, because who doesn't like babies? Lack of ambition. Part of his charm: Enthusiasm can be contagious, and I'm full of it. E-mail David via [email protected].