Lunchbox: Organixx's Baked Tofu Sandwich


April 24 2009, 9:49 AM
Lately, when lunchtime rolls around, I find myself pulling out the Organixx menu. The two-month-old downtown spot serves up eclectic eats that are often organic--but, more importantly, they're intriguing. Some days I order the wholesome quinoa niçoise, a composed salad of roasted new potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, asparagus, greens, and nutty quinoa all tossed with a lemon-caper vinaigrette. Other afternoons, I lunch on the hearty Peruvian roast beef sandwich stacked with avocado, roasted peppers, and garlic aoïli. And just a couple weeks ago I discovered a new, unlikely darling--the baked tofu sandwich. After reading the description--tofu (healthy) edamame hummus (interesting), and Asian pepper slaw (fresh)--I was compelled to give it a try. Though the meal requires several napkins (the whole-grain bread tends to fall apart), the flavors are bright and satisfying. I'll order that over a turkey and Swiss any day. Tip: Although the sandwiches are expensive ($9), they're huge, and come with generously portioned sides, such as gourmet potato salad. 1520 Blake St., 303-825-1550