Will the Curtain Fall on the New Denver Civic Theatre?


June 1 2009, 9:42 AM

As of early this morning, there was no indication on the New Denver Civic Theatre's website of the financial problems that could cause its doors to be closed today. The small, two-theater complex at 721 Santa Fe Drive owes more than $100,000 in rent and taxes, according to The Denver Post, citing a notice that says Evergreen National Bank is seeking repossession of the property back to the building's landlord, Zbigniew "Greg" Mania. The backstory of the theater is a complex one of business partnerships and property ownership--and it has the owners of 1883 Productions wondering if they'll be able to weather the battle. As the sole tenant of the 105-seat black-box theater, 1883 runs two burlesque shows, "Leadville or Bust" and "V Burlesque," and hopes that if Mania takes control of the property, he will work out a deal with them to allow the shows to go on.