June 23 2009, 8:52 AM
Frontier Airlines, the second-largest carrier at Denver International Airport, has been bailed out by Republic Airways Holdings in a plan that appears to leave some bears and dolphins on the tail fins of some planes. Indianapolis-based Republic announced yesterday that it will pay more than $108 million for all of Denver-based Frontier's equity and its subsidiary, Lynx Aviation, according The Denver Post. "We will continue to be the same air carrier that everybody knows, and we will continue to operate as we do now," a spokeswoman for Frontier says of the plan, which must be approved by U.S. Bankruptcy Court and Frontier pilots. Frontier filed for bankruptcy after its credit card processor began holding back 100 percent of the airline's transactions, leading to 14 months of budget trimming, helping the airline post profits in two consecutive quarters, reports the Denver Business Journal. Meanwhile, Ben Baldanza, the chief executive of the "ultralow-fare" Spirit Airlines--and a former member of Frontier's board--is featured in a USA Today report that reviews several disputes, including one in which female flight attendants are angered by an airline advertising campaign that says the airline is "proud of our Double-Ds"--an ostensible reference to deep discounts.