Checking in on the Aaron Thompson Trial


August 11 2009, 9:20 AM

The trial of Aaron Thompson, who is accused in the disappearance and death of his daughter, took a strange turn after a juror informed a bailiff that someone acted in an intimidating manner in the parking lot of the Arapahoe County Justice Center. It turns out the alleged intimidator is a man who wants to work at the courthouse. "He's not connected with this case in any way," Judge Valieria Spencer reassured jurors Monday (via 7News). Emotions seem high in the courtroom as Thompson faces trial for the disappearance and supposed death of his daughter, Aarone, whose body was never recovered. In opening statements, Thompson's defense attorneys argued that his live-in girlfriend, Shelley Lowe, killed Aarone (via CBS4). Lowe, however, can't defend herself; she died of heart failure in 2006. Lawyers on both sides agree that Aarone is dead, reports the Aurora Sentinel. Thompson, his attorney concedes, made two crucial mistakes after his daughter's death: helping Lowe to cover up the crime, then lying to police about the girl's disappearance.