How Denver Rates for Dating During a Recession


August 20 2009, 11:35 AM

cover_smallDenver is getting more kudos for being a decent city for singles. You may recall that Forbes magazine recently ranked Denver No. 13 in overall date-worthiness, taking into account a diverse array of hot spots, including the Denver Art Museum and East Colfax dive bars with hipster jukeboxes. Now says we're 12th in terms of dating during a recession, and while that's about average, at least we're affordable. The online dating service analyzed the prices of a casual dinner and a pair of movie tickets in 25 cities across the nation. In the No. 1 cheapest city, Pittsburgh, the cost is about $78. In Los Angeles, the most expensive, it's about $126, notes the Denver Business Journal. Match doesn't provide the cost of a date in Denver, but we've paid a lot of attention to dating here at 5280, as well other ways to derive some Cheap Thrills in the city.