Local Milk (And How to Keep It From Spoiling)


August 24 2009, 10:14 AM
As magical as local milk delivery is (we use Royal Crest Dairy), my boyfriend and I quickly found that neither of us drink enough to keep up with the delivery cycle. I usually use milk as creamer in my coffee, and we'll pull a cup here and there for cooking and baking, but both of us became tired of discovering the sour scent of spoiled dairy coming from our nearly-full gallon jugs of milk. Which is why he suggested freezing it, something I had never heard of before. He brought home some small, plastic Ball Freezer Jars, and we divvied up our milk for the freezer. The first time I put one of the jars back in the refrigerator to thaw, I was nervous. It takes a couple days for it to fully melt, but upon a sniffing inspection, it smelled like milk. The verdict? Success. We've continued freezing our milk, satisfied that we're now taking full advantage of the savings local delivery can offer.