What Sonia Sotomayor May Be Deciding for Colorado


August 24 2009, 1:52 PM
sotomayor-sonia-2Just weeks after Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court in a 68-31 Senate vote, she has become the court's designated emergency justice for the 10th Federal Judicial Circuit, which includes Colorado. The Pueblo Chieftain reports that as a circuit justice, Sotomayor may decide "emergency requests" to the high court if the court is unable to take immediate action. Examples include requests for a stay of execution, restraining orders, and delays of lower court orders. "She expressed delight at her assignment here, and I shared how excited our circuit is to welcome her," says 10th Circuit Chief Robert Henry. Sotomayor replaces Justice Stephen Breyer as the justice for the 10th Circuit, located in Denver, which includes Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming.