Spring 2010: DKNY's "It" Factor for Denver


September 16 2009, 9:56 AM
The "It" Factor for Denver: DKNY always serves up a solid offering of classic wardrobe staples with an urban twist. This season's highlights include printed T-shirt dresses, well-tailored jackets with matching city shorts, and sequined, striped T-shirts with rolled-cuff trousers. The Gist of the Show: Karan's collection explores many variations of a floral motif this season. She adds a playful edge to her city separates with a flowery, graffiti scribble on items such as a work blazer and skirt, rolled-cuff pants, and T-shirt dresses. She's also got a rather drab print version that mixes and matches low-slung shorts and miniskirts with small, floral-print or striped T-shirts. To round out the collection, Karan works her floral motif into a fun series of colorful, body-skimming dresses done up in sequins. She also includes sport-influenced pieces---already a reoccurring theme for the spring collections---like biker shorts paired with dress and suit looks, a jumpsuit with banded ankle, and her own version of the classic baseball jacket. Look for It Locally: Saks Fifth Avenue, 2900 E. First Ave., 303-393-6333. 90581698BG013_Mercedes_Benz90581698BG017_Mercedes_Benz