Why You Should Ask for "Seconds" at the Boulder Farmers' Market


October 13 2009, 9:19 AM
As I've learned about produce, I pride myself in picking through the offerings, finding the fruit or veggie with just the right plumpness and just the right color. It turns out I have more to learn. Thanks to a recent Daily Camera article, I discovered that seconds are all the rage at the Boulder Farmers' Market. "Seconds" refers to fruit that might not be aesthetically perfect but taste just as good. And living with a few visual flaws can mean big discounts. Morton's Orchards, for example, sold its second-string peaches for just $1/pound over the summer, and they come with the highest recommendation: Owner Dave Morton says his family eats seconds at home. The desire for seconds has created a following in farmers' market fans, with some lining up for up to 45 minutes to get a deal. Keep in mind that buying seconds also helps the environment. As writer Mark Collins notes, selling this produce keeps it out of the landfills. Organic material, thrown away in a plastic trash bag, decays and produces methane gas, which is believed to be a factor in global warming.