Goga's: A Sign of Parker's Culinary Evolution


December 18 2009, 10:43 AM
If there's a sign that Parker's culinary scene has evolved beyond generic burgers and Mexican, it's the rich experience served up at Goga's Mediterranean Cuisine. The almost-six-month-old restaurant offers a small, well-edited Armenian and Greek menu with six choices of kabobs---from filet mignon to lamb---three fish selections, and a handful of salads and appetizers. I opted for the lamb kabob with rice, baba ghanoush, and an Armenian salad (a mix of cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions). I like my lamb with a little bit of bite but not overdone, and my meal didn't disappoint. The smooth baba ghanoush had just a hint of tang, and the salad was fresh and crunchy. The entrée easily could have been enough for me and my two children, but kids get a choice of a beef or chicken kabob---plus sides---for free. They finished every bite of their tender chicken and hot fries. Even more entertaining: My three-year-old son stared at the belly dancer flitting among the tables. I think he got her number. (The belly dancer performs on Friday and Saturday evenings.) Bonus: Goga's servings are both generous and well priced, with dinner entrées running $10.99 to $16.99. 19878 E. Hilltop Rd., Parker, 303-362-0270