Happy Hour of the Week: Pints Pub


March 23 2010, 11:01 AM
Pints Pub is a classic, British-style pub. The telltale red phone booth and waving British flags outside the front door are dead giveaways. And the British vibe only gets better inside, where you can grab a copy of the London Times or try your luck at the confusing-looking billiards game (rules are posted on the wall). The view from a seat at the bar rivals any view of the Rockies: Hundreds of bottles of whiskey dangle from the ceiling like stalactites in a cave. The multiple tiers and 20-foot-long rows of bottles make up the largest single-malt selection west of Scotland. But don't get upset when you don’t see your favorite Colorado brew on tap at Pints. This hoopla-free brewpub makes its own beer, and it’s darn good. With the popularity of brewpubs exploding, it's become more difficult for us beer lovers to find a quiet, no-frills spot to enjoy a well-crafted beer or two---or three. Pints Pub is still that place. For flavors that rival those of your favorite local micros, try their Alchemy E.S.B. and cask-conditioned Dark Star Ale. Happy hour runs Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. and offers half price on any of Pints Pub’s appetizers. So treat yourself to some bloody good wings. 221 W. 13th Ave., 303-534-7543