New Release Draft: Strange Brewing’s Pale Ale


June 15 2010, 10:22 AM
Strange Brewing is starting up at precisely the place in which most great breweries do---slightly off the beaten path, quite literally. Strange is located at the end of a short line of businesses along 13th and Zuni, just steps from the Platte River Trail. The month-old brewery has spruced up its small warehouse space, which consists of two small rooms of tables and a mammoth bar with encased hops leaves and flowers. But as much as I appreciate the ambience, I go for the beer. While I was anxious to taste all the varieties---including a black pale and a cherry bomb Belgian wheat stout---my summer palate has been demanding hops, so I ordered the pale ale on a recent visit. I couldn't remember the last time I’d been so eager about a pale ale. It carries a mountain of hops in the nose---brewer Tim Myers says he adds many of the hops at the end of the process for aroma---and the flavor is similarly hoppy in the mouth, although endlessly clean. After drinking two pints of it, I still couldn’t detect any hint of an aftertaste. I asked my drinking companions which pales compared, and we agreed that Strange's falls somewhere between Dale’s and Mirror Pond---a very tasty place to be. My last bit of advice: Grab a growler before you go. You’ll want to bring some brew home with you. (And, it’s just $10 if you bring your own.) 1330 Zuni, Unit M, 720-985-2337