Heat Busters: Spicy Basil and Sweet Action


June 16 2010, 5:07 PM
When the temperatures soar and the sidewalk sizzles, I want three things: spicy food, minty ice cream, and to not have to prepare either one. Fortunately, a quick trip to Broadway allows me to tick all three off my list. First stop: Spicy Basil Asian Grill for an order of chicken panang, a rich, soupy dish with tender chicken, chunks of potato and broccoli, and snow peas, all simmered together in a spicy-creamy coconut sauce. Spicy Basil will make the dish as spicy as you like, but ask for more heat than normal---the kitchen tends to be pretty conservative. Second stop: Sweet Action Ice Cream, an artisanal ice-cream shop across the street with an ever-changing lineup of unusual flavors, such as salted butterscotch pretzel, vegan cinnamon roll, and baklava. On hot days, my favorite is chocolate Andes mint, a rich chocolate-peppermint ice cream studded with small chunks of the namesake candy. Third stop: Home, where I don’t have to do anything more than kick off my shoes and crank up the air conditioning. Tip: For up-to-the-minute flavor updates, follow Sweet Action on Twitter. Spicy Basil Asian Grill, 1 Broadway, 303-871-8828 Sweet Action Ice Cream, 52 Broadway, 303-282-4645