Best Bites: Eco-Burger


June 21 2010, 9:44 AM
For anyone tiring of the burger trend, the almost three-week-old Eco-Burger will renew your interest. The Cherry Creek shop (from David Pellegrin and Rebekah Donovan Pellegrin, who also own the nearby Q Worldly Barbeque) dishes a finely tuned menu. Not surprisingly, the grass-fed beef topped with goodies such as prosciutto and smoked blue cheese are menu stars, but the alternatives are just as worthy. The seared tuna steak burger comes dressed with a crunchy carrot, daikon, and sprout slaw, and the black-bean burger exhibits texture and spice thanks to the salsa and chipotle sour cream stirred into the patty. Whatever you choose, top off your meal with the hand-cut fries, tossed with sea salt and cracked pepper (pay the extra $1 for the creamy blue cheese dipping sauce) and a glass of the red sangría. 2817 E. Third Ave., Unit E, 303-316-9100