The Unfortunate Fate of Home-Invading Bears


June 25 2010, 10:30 AM

Nine bear sightings were recorded from June 8 to 18 near Littleton's Roxborough Park community, where officials posted a warning sign for residents. Nevertheless, in the early morning hours of June 18, a bear entered the home of resident Vickie Ockey. Similar to a spate of bear break-ins last year in Aspen, the bear helped itself to a late-night snack in the kitchen---a behavior the bear likely learned from its mother, says Jennifer Churchill with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. That's why the bear was euthanized, according to 9News. A second bear that broke into a different home in the same neighborhood earlier this week has also been euthanized. And yet another bear has met the same fate in Sedalia, a frustration to DOW officials, who have some advice on how to bear-proof your home. Meanwhile, 5280 senior associate editor Patrick Doyle has some tips for how to avoid bears in the wilderness and what to do if you encounter one---or a mountain lion.