Seasonal Six-Pack: Odell Brewing's St. Lupulin


June 27 2010, 12:08 PM
During a recent event, I found myself in the familiar situation of inquiring about the type of beer being served. "We've got a pale,” the bartender replied, and I fought back the urge to ask what type. IPA? American? British? It's a good predicament for us hops-lovers: Pale ales have diversified, so now we can identify which flavors we prefer. While British pale ales will have more of a balanced flavor with malts, "extra" pale ales---also referred to as American pale ales---are lighter in body, with more hops flavor. This distinction is well represented in Odell’s summer seasonal St. Lupulin, which fits the extra-pale-ale bill perfectly. The flavor starts with a blast of hops, and it finishes light and clean. St. Lupulin is available through September.