Wellness: This Weekend's Social Workouts


July 5 2012, 3:35 PM

This weekend, you could run on your own or do some solo strength training at the gym. Or you can join the masses to have a little support while you sweat. Here, four group workouts to test your social skills.


Muscles: Core/third eye

Motivation: Your abs will tremble five minutes into one of the CorePower Yoga classes or under the watchful eye of internationally-renowned yoga teacher Tiffany Cruikshank (who works for Nike, and modeled for Lululemon—and just about every other aspirational yoga clothing company).

Details: Copper Mountain Resort; July 5 through July 8; $99 to $155 for a day-pass, $395 for a three-day pass, $475 to have it all.

Website: colorado.wanderlustfestival.com


Muscles: Shoulders

Motivation: Getting beaned by an overripe tomato. Your rotator cuff will be sore by the time you're done hurling tomatoes at crowds who show up for the music and food fest. 

Details: Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City; 12 to 5 p.m., tomato throwing begins at 4 p.m.; $50 to join the fight

Website: tomatobattle.com/denver


Muscles: Legs

Motivation: Adrenalin-fueled terror. The be-horned Rocky Mountain RollerGirls team will chase you for a kilometer down West 32nd Avenue with wiffle bats. Be sure to wear a white and a red sash (pictured) just like you would in Pamplona, Spain for that other race. Proceeds go to the Tennyson Center for Children.

Details: The course begins on West 32nd Avenue between Tennyson and Stuart streets; 9 a.m.; $25

Website: highlandbulls.com

4. Trek to Table

Muscles: Legs/stomach

Motivation: Food. Really, really good food. The nine-mile hike on Arrowhead and Bear Creek Mountains is a fundraiser for the Vail Valley Foundation and makes you earn every morsel of food. Starting at Beaver Creek Resort, you'll eat a gourmet breakfast at Broken Arrow, trek to Zach's Cabin for mid-trail sustenance, Beano's Cabin for lunch, and, finally, Allie's Cabin for post-hike foodie refueling.

Details: Beaver Creek Resort; registration begins at 7:30 a.m.; $200

Website: vvf.org

Image via Shutterstock