5280 Is 20: Staffers' Favorite Stories

July 16 2013, 9:09 AM

Geoff Van Dyke, Editorial Director

Pinched. "Pinched is a piece that stands out for me over my almost six years at 5280. We wanted to do a story on immigration to coincide with the Democratic National Convention, which was held in Denver in 2008, and what became "Pinched" started out as an altogether different story. Robert Sanchez was gathering string on the issue when he just happened upon these two guys—one white, one Mexican—in Greeley, who both individually and together perfectly encapsulated this complex topic. They became the foundation of the piece. "Pinched" is an "issue story," but it doesn't read like an issue story to me: It reads like a story about two men and their families and their work and their complicated lives. Robert's great success in creating this artful narrative is taking this topic—immigration—and making it truly human."


Robert Sanchez, Senior Staff Writer

Private Stites Should Have Been Saved: "When I read this piece, I knew I needed to work with Max Potter."

The Bet: Could 5280 Staffer Beat Future Olympian Missy Franklin: "Me swimming with Missy Franklin. No need to elaborate."  

The Fire Next Door: "This is the brainchild of my fantastic editor, Geoff Van Dyke, and it was pulled off in part because of an amazing anecdote to close this emotional story."