5280 Is 20: Staffers' Favorite Stories

July 16 2013, 9:09 AM

Maximillian Potter, Editor-At-Large: 

Miracle of Molly"Miracle of Molly is a memorable one for me for a couple of reasons. First, there's the subject matter: The story of the Nash family, a mother and father—Lisa and Jack—facing an unimaginable dilemma and genetically engineering a baby, their second child, in an effort to save their dying first-born. Second, the experience of editing and working with Amanda Faison.

When I arrived here 10 years ago, Amanda was a Wonder Woman, overseeing a small handful of staffers. She was responsible for assigning, editing, writing an amazing amount of magazine content, not to mentioning managing just about all things editorial. She rarely had time to take a breath, to write, which is what she ached to do. With this feature assignment—a mix of so much technical and emotionally demanding reporting—she wondered if she could pull it off. Watching her realize what she was capable of, seeing her begin to find her voice and wonderful way with a feature, which she has since replicated so many times ... that was magnificently inspiring and, as an editor, a colleague, a fellow writer, it was inspiring on many levels."


Kasey Cordell, Senior Editor

Undefeated"I can still remember the day I read this story. I started it on my ride to work and became so engrossed I missed my stop. The vivid—albeit horrifying—opening scenes in Lindsey's intensely personal story have stuck with me all these years."