5280 Is 20: Staffers' Favorite Stories

July 16 2013, 9:09 AM

Lindsey Koehler, Features Editor

Out in the Cold"You know it's a good story when you can repeat, verbatim, lines that you liked five years after the story was published."

Right to Live: "Profiles are shockingly difficult to write, but this story is masterfully reported and written in a way that makes the reader feel like they completely understand a person who should be entirely un-understandable."

Anatomy of a Murder: "The perfect Colorado murder story. Period."

A Place at the Table: "Gut-wrenching and honest, this personal essay will make you cry and laugh and cry again."

Second Nature: "A story about a little boy who wanted to live as a little girl and all of the confusion and obstacles and issues that come with gender-nonconforming people. It's like nothing you've ever read."

Twisted: "A quick-read profile of a comedian from Denver who has cerebral palsy that will definitely make you laugh."


Chris Outcalt, Assistant Editor

Power BrokenI've always been struck by the way in which Max Potter chose to tell the story of the implosion of Willie Shepherd. At the time this piece was published in 2010, Shepherd was a politically wired attorney who had become one of Denver's most influential figures. But Power Broken is about much more than just Shepherd's collapse. Potter skillfully frames the story through the lens of two junior attorneys who stand up to their powerful and corrupt boss. What's more, these two attorneys don't stand up to Shepherd for their own personal gain, they do it because it's the right thing to do. It's not easy, and yet they do it anyway. To me, Power Broken is something of an underdog story—one that contains a lesson I think we can all learn from. 

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