5280 Is 20: What Did 5280 Staffers Look Like in 1993?


July 17 2013, 9:36 AM

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we're introducing the first official 5280 yearbook:


Daniel Brogan

President and Editor-in-Chief, 32 years old: "When the photographer said, 'Let's try one foot on the stool,' I knew it was a bad idea."







Luc Hatlestad

Articles Editor, 26 years old: "I was under the impression that facial hair and ponytails were cool."






Cassie Noyes

Associate Publisher, Digital Media, and Audience Development, 19 years old: "Sophomore year of college. Yes, I am old." 






Amanda Faison

Food Editor, 19 years old: "Plotting my future career as 5280's food editor."







Remy Spreeuw

Publisher, 19 years old: "Ad Director/Editor of Study Breaks Magazine while attending the University of North Texas."  






Geoff Van Dyke

Editorial Director, 19 years old (pictured with his mom): "The building directly behind us is Wheeler Hall, which is the home of the English Department (at the University of California, Berkeley); I was an English major." 




Brian Roundtree

Production Manager, 18 years old: "The Busboys' last performance of their only song, 'Don't Touch My Body,' circa summer 1992: the last known photo of Brian Roundtree (far right) before his public resurfacing again around Thanksgiving 1998." 



Kent Odendahl

Advertising and Marketing Art Director, 17 years old: "I look back on this as my first foray into long distance cycling. My first multiday ride across the state was the 1996 Ride of the Rockies—I think the glasses were unfortuantely with me that day too." 




Miles Woolen

Print and Digital Traffic Manager, 17 years old: "I was scooping ice cream at Baskin-Robbins in Evergreen."






Kasey Cordell

Senior Editor, 14 years old: "Shirking the Christmas tree-hunting duites in Oregon to play with a stray dog (not surprising). Note the red scrunchie. Classic '93."  




Natasha Gardner

Senior Editor/Digital Editor, 13 years old: "I was smack dab in the middle of junior high, which meant I couldn't decide if I was an adult or a kid. Cue the shoulder pads and pigtails." 





Brad McLaughlin

Technology Manager, 10 years old: "I likely forgot that it was picture day at school, so I wore a teal-colored turtleneck. Luckily for me the background clashed."





Kate Dean

Senior Account Executive, 9 years old: "Just horsin' around."




Chris Outcalt

Assistant Editor, 9 years old: "Seeing this picture almost makes me want to start wearing tie dye again...almost."



Sean Parsons

Art and Photo Assistant, 9 years old: "I'm holding a pig while visiting cousins in Iowa while on vacation from Colorado." 






Carrie Horn

Marketing Director, 8 years old (with her brother, Alan): "My family took a sabbatical to London for six months—my father taught through Ithaca College. My brother and I went to public school in London (he was in second grade). We traveled all around Europe." 



Zach Wolfel

Senior Account Executive, 8 years old: "I love multiplication tables!"





Jessica Farmwald

Copy Chief, 7 years old: "I was already showing signs of becoming a crazy cat lady."




Caitlin Ferrell

Account Executive, 7 years old (far right): "I was in Hilton Head Island building a sand castle with my older brother and my friend, Katie."



Morgan Robbins

Account Executive, 7 years old: "I wasn't allowed to dress myself for awhile after this..." 






Daliah Singer

Associate Editor, 6 years old: "Celebrating my sixth birthday!"






Caitlin Donnelly

Editorial Intern, 5 years old: "Cheesing for the camera in my kindergarten school picture."






Justine Hausheer

Editorial Intern, 5 years old (pictured with younger brother, Gregory): "The photo was taken on a famiy trip to Colorado in the brief 30-second moment when my little brother and I weren't fighting or throwing rocks in the lake." 



Signé Higgins

Advertising Assistant Designer, 5 years old: "In Geneseo Ill., I was sititng on the porch steps of our old Victorian. My love for dogs clearly started at an early age." 




Jake Jensen

Senior Editorial Intern, 5 years old: "That shirt was made of silk; I remember it vividly."




Lauren Mikus

Dining Intern, 5 years old: "I was posing like I meant it in 1993, the summer I made the transition from preschool to kindergarten in Virginia Beach, my hometown."  





Jerilyn Forsythe

Digital Assistant Editor, 4 years old: "It was my fourth birthday. I don't remember it, but it looks like a good one."





Taylor Roark

Advertising and Marketing Coordinator, 4 years old (middle): "Cinderella and her posse—her ability to accessorize should never be underrated!"






Kelsey Fairholm

Marketing Intern, 3 years old: "Enjoying the summer in Chapel Hill in that's-so-90's overalls."






Beth Steffens

Editorial Intern, 1 year old: "My life-long food obsesion and horrible habit of leaving leftovers on my face, clothes, and furniture started early in life." 




—Images courtesy of 5280 staff and some really great moms.