Weekend Fun: Beer Games

October 4 2013, 2:00 PM

The Classic: Beer Pong

How-To: Split into two teams of two. Set up 10 plastic cups (we recommend the Solo brand) in a triangle formation on each side of a long table; fill them all with beer. Also, place a cup filled with water off to the side for each team. Determine which team will shoot first. The first team attempts to throw both of their ping-pong balls into cups on the other side of the table. If no cups are made, it's the other team's turn. If one cup is made, one of the other team members has to remove it from the triangle and drink it before placing it off to the side (alternate who drinks). If both cups are made, the other team has to remove both cups, drink them, and then give both balls back to the shooting team for a second chance. The game continues until one team has made all of the cups. The water cup is used to clean off balls after wayward shots.

There are, of course, variations. It's always polite to ask what the house rules are.  

Image courtesy of Shutterstock