Weekend Fun: Beer Games

October 4 2013, 2:00 PM





The Party Game: Quarters

How-To: There are almost too many variations of this game to provide just one set of rules. Regardless, the goal is to bounce a quarter off the table and into a glass. Here are some options to get you started. 

Alternate: Baseball

How-To: Set up four shot glasses in a row behind a designated shooting spot. Each player from one team (you'll need two teams, however many people) takes turns trying to bounce a quarter into one of the shot glasses. The glasses represent, in order, a single, a double, a triple, and a home run. After three strikes (missing all of the shot glasses), the player is out. Three outs, and it's the other team's turn. Runs are scored in the same way they would be in baseball—but you'll have to keep track of where the runners are in your head. Where's the drinking come in? Each shot glass is filled with beer. If a player makes a quarter into a glass, he/she must drink the beer from the glasses behind the one he/she made. (For example, if you score a double, you have to drink the two other shot glasses.) An out means you have to drink all four. The opposing team has to take a sip of their drinks for every run scored by the "batting" team. Tip: You can also play Baseball as a variation on Beer Pong, so you use Solo cups and ping-pong balls. 

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