What's That Sound?: Vol. 1


Each Monday, on Facebook, we'll give you a soundbite of what it is like to be behind-the-scenes at 5280 or out on the road with our reporters in Colorado. You guess where we are, and on Tuesdays, we'll reveal the answers on 5280.com.
October 8 2013, 11:30 AM

The Sound: 

Where: Globeville, Denver

What: Hear those hammers? There's a massive effort underway this week in the Globeville neighborhood where Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver, a nonproft that helps build affordable housing, is using more than 2,000 volunteers to craft 11 new homes and repair 15 others. The blitz build is part of the Carter Work Project, an annual effort by former President Jimmy Carter and his wife to improve communities. Want to help? Learn more here

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