Slideshow: Picture.Me.Here. Exhibit


October 9 2013, 2:00 PM

Twelve refugees from around the world—including Burma, Tibet, and Nepal—have their photos on display at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center. Each was a part of Picture.Me.Here.’s summer 2013 program, a digital storytelling endeavor that teaches its refugee students about photography, and encourages them to capture and convey their new experiences and life here in Colorado through pictures.

Here's a peek of what you'll find at the exhibit. (Bonus: Read our Q&A with one of the artists here.)


Photo by Birendra Dhakal, Nepal

Photo by Isaiah Gwa, Burma

Photo by Maria Mu, Burma

Photo by Mon Maya, Bhutan

Photo by Jamuna Dahal, Nepal

Photo by Birendra Dhakal, Nepal

Photo by Paw Hla, Burma

Photo by Mi Meh, Burma

Photo by Maria Mu, Burma

Photo by Tashi Chontso, Tibet

Photo by Brigid McAuliffe, photography instructor, United States