Art in Process: Patricia Aaron and Chandler Romeo


December 12 2013, 9:37 AM

What goes into preparing for an exhibit of new works? How much time does it take an artist to finish a series? What's the purpose of a multiple-artist show? These are the questions, among many others, than run through my mind each time I enter a gallery.

In the lead-up to the opening of Urban Abstract–Rural Grid (running through March 8, 2014) at the Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA) in Englewood, I asked mixed-media artist Patricia Aaron and sculptor Chandler Romeo, those questions. (Full disclosure: I went to university with Aaron's daughter.) Both Denver artists created new bodies of work for this collaborative exhibition. What follows is a unique insider's peek at the process behind the show.

Click through to see how Urban Abstract–Rural Grid came together.

Patricia Aaron

Though talented in a number of different mediums, Aaron's current focus is encaustic painting. That type of work is the basis for her MOA pieces, all of which are brand-new. With her two-dozen or so works, Aaron has created a "contemporary montage of culture, graffiti, mark making, and language." Her micro view on urban scrawl is depicted through square and circular wood pieces as well as 22 metal wall hangings.