Art in Process: Patricia Aaron and Chandler Romeo


December 12 2013, 9:37 AM

Aaron started experimenting with beeswax in her sculptures and paintings during grad school at the University of Denver. Today, she has the process down to a literal science. To create her medium, she melts eight pounds of beeswax slowly in a Crock-Pot. Then, she mixes in demar crystals (sap) until the concoction becomes incredibly thick, like molasses. (The demar makes the beeswax harder and adds shine to the final product.)

She lets that cook for about three hours on low heat before straining it—to remove imperfections—into a large coffee can (can you tell she likes household items?).  The mixture is poured into muffin pans (pictured, right) and sets for two hours. After that, she just pops out the wax.