Best New Restaurants 2014 Slideshow

February 28 2014, 10:45 AM

Pictures from food editor Amanda M. Faison's personal tour of many of the places listed in the 2014 edition of "Best New Restaurants."

Olive & Finch

Olive & Finch: Goat Milk Cortado

Olive & Finch: Pastries (including gluten-free selections)

Olive & Finch: Sonoma breakfast skillet 

Acorn: Roasted baby beets, feta panna cotta, toasted pistachios, and tarragon

Acorn: Quinoa salad

Cafe Max: Cafe con leche

Cafe Max: French toast

Cafe Max: Rooibos tea

Cafe Max: Shortbread

The Curtis Club: Lobster shrimp and grits

The Curtis Club: Curly Wolf 

Lower48 Kitchen: House-made bread

Lower48 Kitchen: "Each" menu selections

Lower48 Kitchen: Braised squid

Lower48 Kitchen: Braised and grilled brisket

Old Major: Original St. Germain

Old Major: Tasting of house sausage 

Old Major: Pimento cheese fritters

The Plimoth: Caraway and rye crusted salmon

The Plimoth: Fresh fruit tartlet with Meyer lemon cream

Session Kitchen: The Park Bar with chairs made of bicycle wheels

Session Kitchen: Interior

Session Kitchen: Interior 

Session Kitchen: Interior

Session Kitchen: Interior

Session Kitchen: Interior

Session Kitchen: Record menus

Session Kitchen: All Points East cocktail

Session Kitchen: Persimmon vinegar hot pepper slaw

Session Kitchen: Apple vinegar beet salad

Session Kitchen: Waffled Cubano Sandwich