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Art In Exile

Galleries and studios are getting the boot from Denver. Fortunately, they’ve found hope in the ’burbs. 

The Guide to Denver’s Art Museums

The Mile High City boasts some of the best art collections in the country. We've rounded up where to view them—and why it's worth the gas to visit six out-of-town venues.


The Guide to Buying (Locally Made, Original) Artwork

Denver’s creative community has so much to offer, yet many of us are still hanging mass-produced prints from Pottery Barn on our walls. Why? Because no one ever gave us the tools for—nor taught us the importance of—purchasing thoughtfully crafted works from artists in our communities. That is, until now.


Rule Gallery Debuts In New Location

Catch your first look at Rule's new space in the Art District on Santa Fe during Denver artist Scott Young's Wish You Were Here, opening September 23.

Pattern Shop Studio Celebrates 25 Years

Rexford and Sharon Brown are honoring their home-studio-gallery hybrid with a show that features the geometric work of five Denver-based artists.

It’s Your Town

Celebrate our city this weekend with speciality cocktails and Denver-inspired art.


(Really) High Art

One painter takes the en plein air movement to new heights.

Paint By Number

Making a timeless work of art gallery-ready requires quite a bit of time—roughly 35 hours in the case of Elaine de Kooning’s “Bullfight.”

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