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Inside Trump’s Hands-Off Plan to Win Colorado

Robert Blaha discusses his candidate’s light-touch management style and how he believes it can sway the state’s unaffiliated, Libertarian and disgruntled Democrat voters. 

How Free Is Colorado?

A new multi-faceted survey will tell you exactly how much in any number of categories.


Colorado’s Independent (Voters) Streak

More than one-third of Colorado voters are unaffiliated. Now lawmakers are considering whether (and how) these citizens should vote in future primaries. 


5 Questions for Crisanta Duran

Colorado’s House Majority Leader was recently awarded the Gabrielle Giffords Rising Star Award from EMILY's List for her work in local government. 

Should Colorado Return to a Primary?

Officials on both sides of the aisle agree that the state is outgrowing the caucus system—but moving back to a primary is no easy matter.

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