25 Best Restaurants 2014

What a difference a year makes. Denver’s restaurant scene is in the midst of a big transformation—you won’t want to miss a single bite.

October 2014

—Photography by Carmel Zucker

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4 Sushi Den (last year 3)
On Christmas Eve of this year, Sushi Den will celebrate 30 years in business. There have been a couple of locations and multiple renovations (plus the moving of sister restaurant Izakaya Den next door), but Toshi Kizaki has spent the last three decades honing the Platt Park icon into what it is today: a destination sushi spot. What most impresses us—in addition to the pristine seafood, of course—is that the Den can be successfully experienced in a variety of ways. You can dine with a group and order gargantuan platters of sashimi and nigiri; you can drop by solo for a bowl of duck udon at lunch; or you and a date can request seats at the sushi bar. Whenever possible, however, choose the latter option and hand the reins over to the chef behind the counter. Doing so virtually ensures you’ll discover the freshest, most unique selections of the night, and you’ll likely walk away having tried something entirely new. Wherever you sit, don’t miss the list of high-end sakes. 1487 S. Pearl St., 303-777-0826, sushiden.net