Legend of the Sun

    DATE: June 16 2012, 7:00 PM to June 17 2012, 7:00 PM
    CATEGORY: Performing Arts
    Buell Theatre
    14th and Champa streets
    Denver, CO 80204


Long ago, in a time when the world was still cold and dark, a young woman sets out in search of the life-giving sun. Her journey comes to a halt when she gives birth to her son, Le. After many years, Le, now a young man, takes on his mother’s quest to bring light and warmth to the barren land, but the path before him is filled with many obstacles. Adapted from folklore but featuring contemporary sounds and popular dances, this show brings to the stage both the past and present of Guangxi, a region in southeastern China. Set on a beautifully colored stage, with a number of spectacular dances, and performed by the 73-person China Nanning Art Theatre troupe, this play is a sight to behold. Sat-Sun 7 p.m.


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