Submitted by Kelsey Anne Lindsey on Fri, 03/29/2013 - 1:45pm

Discover the next Van Gogh or Degas at this exhibit featuring work from Metropolitan State University of Denver’s advance drawing classes. While students receive the opportunity to display their matured portfolios in a realistic gallery setting, viewers get an exclusive preview into the future of the Denver art scene. A wide range of pieces will be shown, from realistic portraits to abstract animal caricatures. Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-5 p.m.



Submitted by Kelsey Anne Lindsey on Thu, 02/14/2013 - 9:41am

Witness a different type of masquerade at this display of more than 150 different masks created by local artists, students, and community members of Northern Colorado. From dogs to geishas, a wide variety of faces will be showcased and auctioned for charity at the end of the month. Participants were encouraged to paint, embellish, smash, or enlarge their masks—whatever helped them express their own unique artistic talent. Wed-Fri 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat-Sun noon-5 p.m.


Knock It Out!

Submitted by Kelsey Anne Lindsey on Fri, 03/29/2013 - 12:57pm

Give cancer a well-deserved kick in the butt at this art show benefiting the Love Hope Strength Foundation (LHSF). Contributing to the fundraiser is Denver-based artist Jason Thielke, known for using tight lines and loose brushstrokes to create paintings of realistic human faces. All original artwork sales will be donated to LHSF, which conducts bone marrow drives at major musical events. Mon-Fri 11 a.m.-4 p.m. 

The Silence

Submitted by Justine E. Hausheer on Tue, 04/02/2013 - 9:19am

Sometimes history repeats itself in the worst way possible. In 1986 a murdered young girl is found in a field of wheat, her bicycle left nearby. No suspects emerge, and the killer is never found. Twenty-three years later the murder strikes again, leaving another victim dead alongside her bicycle in the same field. Directed by Swiss-born Baran bo Odar, this edge-of-your-seat thriller dives into the webs of grief, guilt, and suspicion left behind in the wake of the murders. Fri 1 p.m., 7 p.m., 9:40 p.m.

From Up on Poppy Hill

Submitted by Justine E. Hausheer on Tue, 04/02/2013 - 9:41am

Revisit the art of animation with this award-winning Japanese cartoon. The story centers around Umi and Shun’s fight to save their high school’s clubhouse from demolition, and the romance that inevitably develops between the two. Directed by Goro Miyazaki, the movie was the winner of the Japan Academy Prize for Animation and 2011’s top-grossing Japanese film. Fri 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 7:45 p.m.

Heidi Jung: Black and White

Submitted by Chelsea Long on Tue, 04/09/2013 - 11:46am

Heidi Jung has come full circle. She began her career at Arvada’s Jefferson High School in 1989—now, she returns to the city as a thriving professional artist. Jung's natural-looking works, framed in black and white, are created with ink, charcoal, and acrylics. In one more link to her past, this exhibit features a number of pieces that Jung created in collaboration with the art teacher who inspired her years ago. Days, times vary.

Pictured: knot I, 2013, ink on vellum 40"x40" 


Harvest of Empire

Submitted by Justine E. Hausheer on Tue, 04/02/2013 - 9:31am

We all read about the immigration debate in the paper, but most of us never hear the personal stories behind the news. During the past 60 years, millions of Latino families left their homes to emigrate to the United States. Based on a book of the same name by Juan González—a journalist and co-host of Democracy Now! daily news hour—this film examines the political and social environment that began the wave of immigration. Fri 7 p.m.

Paranormal Murder

Submitted by Kiki Turner on Wed, 03/13/2013 - 4:27pm

There’s nothing like a good murder to stir up an appetite, right? Set in early twentieth century England, an array of personalities—magicians, detectives, and more—gather for a séance when murder strikes. Meet the characters, get a palm reading, and snoop around the venue—a 1930s mortuary-turned-theater—during the cocktail hour before dinner. Be prepared, these guys give new meaning to the term stiff drink—cocktails are served from the infamous casket bar. Fri-Sat 6:30 p.m. 


Paul Reiser

Submitted by Kiki Turner on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 12:20pm

Actor, comedian, and father Paul Reiser finds ways to extract humor from some of the most relatable problems—honeymoon blunders, struggles with pregnancy, and diaper-changing disasters. As co-creator and star of the 1990s NBC sitcom Mad About You, Reiser played a newlywed who struggled—humorously—while adjusting to the married life. Nominated for Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and American Comedy Awards, Reiser also found success writing the biographical books, Couplehood, Babyhood, and Familyhood. Fri-Sat 7:15 p.m., 9:45 p.m.


On Golden Pond

Submitted by Kiki Turner on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 12:40pm

Ethel and Norman Thayer have spent the past 48 summers in their lake house on Golden Pond. However, this year—the year Norman turns 80—the married couple begins to feel strains brought on by old age. Generations collide when the couple’s grown daughter—Chelsea, who had a tumultuous relationship with her father—visits with her boyfriend and his 13-year-old son. Written by Ernest Thompson, this heartfelt play explores the idea of aging and shows both the positive and negative implications of growing older. Fri-Sat 7:30 p.m.; Sun 2 p.m.


The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Submitted by Kiki Turner on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 1:11pm

Governors, senators, even college football champions, know there’s only one place to go to purchase a little pleasure. And, that’s Miss Mona Stangley’s Chicken Ranch. While the name sounds poultry-inspired, Stangley sure isn’t selling drumsticks and chicken thighs. The girls of the Chicken Ranch work hard for their sin-soaked money, that is, until crusading television reporter Melvin Thorpe shines a spotlight onto the brothel.

Sense and Sensibility the Musical

Submitted by Kiki Turner on Mon, 02/18/2013 - 4:02pm

Let your heart melt with this novel-turned musical about all the highs and lows of love. Originally a novel by Jane Austen, the timeless tale features Elinor and Marianne Dashwood—sisters who recently fell into hardship—and their quest for love. Songs with catchy beats and witty lyrics such as “That’s Not Love” and “With me Beside You” give this classic a modern boost while still highlighting Austen’s power with language. Tue-Thu 6:30 p.m.; Fri 7:30 p.m.; Sat 1:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m.; Sun 1:30 p.m.