—Photography by Ehren Joseph unless otherwise noted

The State Of Education In Colorado

We ask—and try to answer—the question: Are local schools preparing students for life after high school?

October 2016

To get away from other hunters, the group rides about 1.5 hours into northwestern Colorado’s Flat Tops Wilderness before setting up camp.
—Photography by Kaylinn Gilstrap

Inside One Family's Annual Hunting Trip

For more than 40 years, Rifle resident Hal Coombs has led annual weeklong trips into the Flat Tops Wilderness in search of three things: elk, unspoiled nature, and bonding time with family and friends. 

November 2016

Illustration by Hsiao-Ron Cheng; photography by Ehren Joseph

Our Children, Ourselves

More than 180 kids are born in Colorado every day, and as many as one in four will be abused or neglected by their caregivers during their early years. Why is it so difficult to stop this from happening—and even harder to find justice for victims? 

December 2016