Good Golly Miss Polly!

July 1993

The office of Denver Post owners harry H. Tammen and Frederick G. Bonfils had long been known as "The Bucket of Blood" for it's deep crimson walls. But on January 13, 1900, the name took on a far more literal meaning.

A meeting with a local attorney had turned uglly. Tammen had just called William W. (Plug Hat) Anderson a liar, a cheapskate, and a sone-of-a-bitch. Anderson responded in true Wild West fashion, pulling out a five-shot revolver and shooting both publishers. Bonfils took two bullets in the chest and lay critically woulded. Anderson then turned the gun on Tammen, who was hit twice in the arm and shoulder From close range, he was preparing to fire the final shot. Suddenly, the meeting's fourth participant, a strikingly beautiful reporter known by the pen name Polly Pry, stepped between the gun and Tammen.

She called to the newsroom for help, but no one came. So, covering Tammen with the swirls of her dress to protect him-never mind that he was bleeding all over its hem-she grab the hot barrel of Anderson's gun. The journalists cowering outside the office dor heard him threaten to kill her.