Top Doctors

July 1993

Denver's Top Docs
We very literally place our lives in their hands, and yet we typically put more time into the purchase of a car than the choice of a physician

This is made all the worse by the fact that we often put off this vital decision until the worst possible time - when we're sick, frightened, and vulnerable. So which of the more than 7,500 doctors in Denver metropolitan area is right for you? Unfortunately, there is no easy formula for choosing a doctor; ask around and you'll get a different approach almost everytime. Ultimately, however, the responsibility for making a smart decision falls squarely on your own shoulders, and information is your most important tool.

To that end, 5280 asked the doctors themselves to recommend who they would trust with their own health or the health of a loved one. We also asked them to rank area hospitals and health maintenance organizations. Our survey was sent to 1,500 area physicians and asked for recommendations in 53 specialties. Slightly more than 9.5 percent responded, producing more than 2,500 nominations, which is well above average for surveys of this kind.