Dig In, Denver

November 1993
We serve up Denver's overrated, unsung, over-the-hill, and up-and-coming restaurants

In a town where restaurants and dining are covered by two daily newspapers, an alternative weekly, four TV stations, and bunches of radio outlets, you'd think that people would be getting their fill. But when 5280 surveyed moe than 75,000 Denver-area residents about the kinds of stories they wanted to read, the number one response was overwhelmingly restaurant reviews

Hey, our mamas didn't raise no fools. You want food coverage, you'll get plenty of it in 5280. Every issue includes a restaurant review, recipes from a top local chef, and the city's most comprehensive restaurant listings.

Still, we couldn't quite bear to do the same old best-burger, best-pizza, best-brunch list that you get from everyone else (hmm, maybe that's why your still hungry for more...). So what follows is an insider's look at the world of Denver restaurants.